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[Battlefoam]Group order ? Empty [Battlefoam]Group order ?

Post  GregB on Mon Dec 30, 2013 12:38 pm

Hey guys, I'm thinking about ordering some Battlefoam trays for my Cygnar.

Are you interested in chiming in so that we can reduce the shipping costs or maybe reach the minimum amount for Dennis to order them (which would be even better) ?

Let me know here.

I need :

(Cygnar) Stormwall Colossal Foam Tray (PP.5-6)
(Cygnar) Storm Strider Battle Engine Foam Tray (PP.5-6)
Pluck Foam Tray for Privateer Press Bags (PP) (in 3.5" format)

$61.97 without taxes... Smile


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