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Post  Lord Tyrant Daemora on Sat Dec 17, 2011 10:56 am

Lord Tyrant Daemora=Steve Overmier. Got the Lord Tyrant from the Army I play (Skorne) and Daemora is one of my Tags. Been playing warmachine for only a few months now, but had played warhammer 40k before this.

eHexeris, pHexeris, Xerxis, pMakeda, eMakeda, Rasheth, pMorghoul, eMorghoul, Naaressh... think thats all.... Probably getting Zaal soon. Actually if I get Zaal I might as well get Mordikaar to have them all...

Bronzeback, x3 Titan Gladiators

x2 Cyclops Savage's, x1 Cyclops Brute. (would like to get sDrew's drake)

Full squad of praetorian swordsman + unit attachment. Full squad of Nihilators, 2 full squads of Arcruarri, 1 Partial Cetrati, 2 partial PGBH's,1 partial squad of Immortals, Partial Praetorian Ferox, Paingiver Bloodrunners.

Hakaar, x3 Ancestral Guardians, Agonizer, 2 Void Spirits, Tyrant Radhiem, Pain Giver Master Tormenter, Aptimus Marketh

Think that covers it all

Lord Tyrant Daemora

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