[Cygnar] A new challenge for 2013-2014

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[Cygnar] A new challenge for 2013-2014

Post  GregB on Thu Nov 14, 2013 6:32 pm

Yes, I started glueing frantically.

Only the plastic, as I still need to receive the Glue accelerant that Dennis order for me. I will not even start to try and glue any metal before I have that life saving tool.

Thanks to second hand market, I still have a few nice things, like Precursor Knights, loads of Gun mages (Theme force anyone) and some jacks (I still need to order 3 more in December).

So, this topic will be mine to show you my progress.

I got an invitation/challenge from the Editor in Chief of the HandCannon Online website who wants me to write an article about my adventures in the Kingdom of good and electricity. Smile

I will paint them... Mainly white, the way my Cryx were. Smile


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